March 5, 2012



While not all law enforcement agencies are yet using tablets for field work (though that trend is increasing), nearly all uniformed police officers are equipped with mobile phone devices of some sort as an extension to radio communications.  With the increased penetration of iOS devices in law enforcement, apps, websites, and hardware naturally follow to support their activities.

I came across this article (iMore) on how a particular officer in Texas uses the device for his every-day work.  Apps, Hardware, and cloud-data sites that help him carry out his duties more effectively.

This is a great example of how iOS hardware is useful beyond what you and I might think of as every-day use.  The greatest strength of these devices is their flexibility — a flexibility that acts as a platform for people in Healthcare, Law-enforcement, Education, Financial Servies, and Business to easily think of new ways to use this tool to make your life better.

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